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Coolers Of Can & Bottle
Coolers Of Can & Bottle

On a hot summer day, when sitting on the ground with friends or family in the shade of a tree, chatting, drinking cold beer, cold coke or other cold drinks, but slowly found that cold drinks are no longer so cold, the palm has become wet in imperceptible.Have you experienced this too?

Novfeel coolers can not only keep caned or bottled drinks cold for a long time, but also effectively prevent condensation. They are double-walled and vacuumized, which insulates heat transfer.

Novfeel coolers are made of stainless steel and PP.The appearance of can coolers are the same as cans just as the bottle coolers are in the shape of glass bottles.The reason lies in the working way of built-in soda can or beer bottle.Both the can & bottle coolers are detachable.

The grade and thickness of stainless steel, logo, surface finish, and packaging of Novfeel coolers can be customized to the buyer's requirements.However, Novfeel supports and encourages buyers with design ideas to join the Novfeel design team with design drawings due to the fact that both Novfeel can coolers and bottle coolers have fewer styles and capacity specifications.Novfeel team has the confidence and ability to undertake every OEM business of coolers.

Novfeel team will continue to strive to serve users with the spirit of craftsman.

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Advantage of Novfeel
Coolers Of Can & Bottle

Novfeel coolers are divided into can coolers and bottle coolers, which are designed to keep canned or bottled cold drinks cold for a long time without getting your hands wet.

The Novfeel cooler is detachable and can be used as a tumbler as well as switching between cold retainers and bottles.

Novfeel coolers are popular for their flexible design advantages.

Advantage of Novfeel Coolers Of Can & Bottle
Features of Novfeel
Coolers Of Can & Bottle

Novfeel coolers are made of stainless steel.Because of the double wall structure and the application of vacuum technology, the outer wall has a good heat insulation function. 

In appearance, they are indistinguishable from metal cans or glass bottles.In addition, the Novfeel can coolers and bottle coolers are detachable and can even be switched between can and bottle options. 

They have a simple style and fashion.

Features of Novfeel Coolers Of Can & Bottle
Applications of Novfeel
Coolers Of Can & Bottle

Novfeel Coolers are specially designed for caned or bottled cold drinks.

Place a can filled with cold drinks in a Novfeel can cooler  or a beer bottle in a Novfeel bottle cooler to keep your drinks cold for longer and avoid getting your palms wet.

In addition to outdoor sports, Novfeel cooler has its unique design, which makes drinking ice water, cold coke and cold beer more comfortable and comfortable.

Applications of Novfeel Coolers Of Can & Bottle
FAQs of Novfeel Coolers Of Can & Bottle
1. What is related to the quality of can & bottle coolers?
A: The quality of can & bottle coolers is closely related to material and production technology.
2. If the purchaser needs to develop a mode to make new can or bottle coolers, how should the mold cost be divided?

A: Generally speaking, if the buyer purchases 30,000 can or bottle coolers, Novfeel will provide mold making service free of charge, and the mold fee will be deducted from the payment for the next batch.

3. If buyers need samples, can Novfeel provide them?

A: Novfeel can be provided free of charge if the sample amount is not large, and the can or bottle coolers are not customized. The buyer only needs to bear the shipping cost.

4. Is there any requirement on the minimum amount or minimum order quantity of can & bottle coolers?

A: Generally speaking, the total order amount is not less than $2000, and the minimum order quantity for a single type of can or bottle cooler is 500 pieces.

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