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Stainless Steel Growlers
Stainless Steel Growlers

Beer is delicious and people love it.Especially in the scorching summer, per capita consumption is great.As a daily drink, people may demand it anytime and anywhere.As a result, portable growlers that can store and keep beer fresh have become indispensable to beer lovers.

The Novfeel growler is made of stainless steel and silicone, with a leak-proof ring inside the lid.In terms of appearance, Novfeel beer growler has a thin neck and a thick body. The lid and outlet are designed in a semi-detached way with a handle for easy carrying.From a functional point of view, the Novfeel beer growler can be divided into insulation and non-insulation due to the use of single-wall and double-wall structures.

Buyers can customize Novfeel growler stainless steel grades and thickness, logo, surface finish, and packaging requirements.However, Novfeel beer growlers are relatively single in style and capacity, so buyers can draw their own design concepts and provide them to the Novfeel team for customization.Novfeel team has the confidence and ability to complete the OEM business related to beer growlers.

Novfeel team supports and encourages buyers with design ideas to join us to create more competitive beer growlers.

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Advantage of Novfeel
Stainless Steel Growlers

One of the biggest advantages of the Novfeel growler is its ability to store and preserve beer, or to keep it cold for a long time. 

Novfeel growlers are made of stainless steel, which gives them an advantage over traditional wood or glass growlers.The obvious thing is that wooden growlers are too heavy, glass growlers are brittle, and stainless steel growlers have neither. 

Moderate capacity, portable design, also commendable.

Advantage of Novfeel Stainless Steel Growlers
Features of Novfeel
Stainless Steel Growlers

The Novfeel growler is made of stainless steel, with a thin top and a thick bottom, including the neck and handle. 

The Novfeel beer Growler has a single and double wall structure. Double-walled beer growlers are insulated and less likely to transmit heat than single-walled ones.The lid has a sealing ring built in, and is connected with the growler body in a semi-detached state. 

The Novfeel growlers are simple and come in several sizes.

Features of Novfeel Stainless Steel Growlers
Applications of Novfeel
Stainless Steel Growlers

Since the invention of wine, wine growlers came into being. 

The Novfeel beer growler is a daily necessity in many families and a treat in bars due to its excellent storage and preservation function. 

It should be noted that double-walled beer growlers are effective at staying cold even after hours in the sun.This is good news for beer lovers who prefer outdoor adventures or picnics. Novfeel growlers are popular for their practicality and convenience.

Applications of Novfeel Stainless Steel Growlers
FAQs of Novfeel Stainless Steel Growlers
1. What is related to the quality of stainless steel growlers?

The quality of stainless steel growlers is closely related to material and production technology.

2. If the purchaser needs to develop a mode to make new stainless steel growlers, how should the mold cost be divided?

A: Generally speaking, if the buyer purchases 30,000 stainless steel growlers, Novfeel will provide mold making service free of charge, and the mold fee will be deducted from the payment for the next batch.

3. If buyers need samples, can Novfeel provide them?

A: Novfeel can be provided free of charge if the sample amount is not large, and the stainless steel growler is not customized. The buyer only needs to bear the shipping cost.

4. Is there any requirement on the minimum amount or minimum order quantity of stainless steel growlers?

A: Generally speaking, the total order amount is not less than $2000, and the minimum order quantity for a single type of stainless steel growler is 500 pieces.

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