Drinkware Of Novfeel

Novfeel products are not only fashionable in appearance and rich in style, but also exquisite in workmanship and detailed treatment.Due to improvements in Novfeel's welding and vacuuming processes, the insulation is not only 99.99% qualified at the factory, but also has a significantly longer life,keeping it hot or cold for a much longer time.In addition, all the components or body parts that make up Novfeel products are naturally and closely connected to each other.Most intuitively, the thread matching of the NovFeel insulated bottle is very high. Obviously, NovFeel products meet the needs of buyers who have high requirements for quality.
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Flexibility Of Customization

Buyers often have a need to promote their own brands or show their company's image.Therefore, how to realize the purchaser's concept economically and materially is particularly important. The process that can directly affect the visual or tactile effect is refined into options for buyers to choose, so as to provide them with a satisfactory purchasing experience.

  • a Material

    The safety level and fall resistance of the product can be completely determined by the buyer's choice of stainless steel grade or thickness.

  • b Surface Process

    The surface of spray has obvious grain texture, and the gloss of spray paint has bright and dark.

  • c Making method of Logo

    The size, color, or complexity of a logo, as well as the desired effect, are all factors that determine how a logo is made.

  • d Packing

    The selection and matching of packaging materials, coupled with a novel design, can enhance brand value and reflect the soft power of the company.

Professional Services

Leaving the production process, which directly determines the visual or tactile effects, to the buyer will undoubtedly bring the product closer to the heart.

Clearly, this flexibility is accepted and embraced by purchasers.Novfeel team will continue to provide professional customized services for buyers with considerate service.

Advantage of Novfeel


The rich product library of Novfeel originates from the precipitation of years. The professional design team brings the fashionable appearance design, and the products can be selected greatly.

We spare no effort in mold independent research and development, not only effectively improve the production process of Novfeel seiko, but also strengthen the ability to undertake OEM business.

No matter ODM or OEM, Novfeel team treats it with the spirit of craftsmanship.

Opportunities Of Novfeel

What are the opportunities for NovFeel?

Novfeel considers the needs of purchasers to promote their own brands or show their corporate image as opportunities for development. Therefore, Novfeel focuses on this market demand by integrating simplicity, innovation and practicality into the product series to create the new experience for buyers ultimately.

This is both an opportunity and a challenge.
Opportunities Of Novfeel