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Quality Control

Quality control is one of the most important aspects in the production of Novfeel, which directly affects the end user experience.  
Therefore, Novfeel mainly from the source, supplemented by the supervision of quality inspectors, to ensure that every batch or
even every product shipped to all parts of the world has good quality assurance.

Seiko And Skilled Engineers

First of all, precision seiko is the guarantee of exquisite workmanship, so Novfeel has invested a lot of money to upgrade the mold to continuously improve the overall level of seiko. The result is things like a very good match between the thread of the cap and the thread of the bottle, a very tight connection between the stainless steel parts, or some plastic parts, etc.

Second, skilled engineers can weld the double-walled structure more firmly, making the internal vacuum less likely to be damaged, which ensures insulation and service life.

It can be seen that Novfeel's strict requirements for engineers' professional skills are the right move.

Seiko And Skilled Engineers

Materials And Equipment

Again, as for non-optional materials, Novfeel uses environmentally friendly paints and inks that do not contain BPA and phthalates, and uses environmentally friendly PP and silica gel materials to make LIDS, sealing gaskets and other auxiliary accessories.

Novfeel then invested heavily in automation to narrow the differences between its products. For example, to enhance and ensure finishes, Novfeel automates the painting process to avoid uneven application.

In addition to the above most important measures, quality inspectors also play an important role in Novfeel's quality control actions.

The Role Of Quality Inspector

For example, after the vacuum treatment of the bottle body after electrolysis, the quality inspector in the way of manual inspection to exclude the possibility of electrolyte residue pollution, but also with strict measures to detect whether the insulation function is up to standard, but also after polishing, and before packaging, respectively, a temperature detection. Repeat temperature test three times to ensure 100% insulation.

After the logo is baked, the quality inspector will use a near force test for firmness and adhesion to ensure no obvious scratches.

Although after finishing the product painting and logo production, there will be a screening process such as color difference and incomplete pattern, but before packaging, in addition to filling water and tightening the lid to test the leakage problem, the quality inspector will still use strict QC standards to check all aspects of the product one by one.

Trust NovFeel

It has to be said that strict quality control is the guarantee for Novfeel to create quality.