From the professional point of view, only superb production technology can ensure stainless steel insulation bottles, tumblers, mugs and other products in the details of delicate processing, and this kind of technology is inseparable from the quality of seiko. 

Seiko as a prelude to the whole production process, this stage can be divided into many processes, such as tube cutting, stretch forming, thread shaping, etc., and so on.But no matter what process it is, it plays an essential role and more or less affects the overall look and feel of the product when it finally comes off the production line. 

So visible, the importance of seiko can be seen.

Surface Process

Objectively speaking, good surface technology can bring excellent visual or tactile experience to the product. 

Novfeel has a variety of surface processes to choose from, each has its own unique properties or characteristics. Commonly used paint has bright, matte and semi-matte points, that is, three different gloss effects;In contrast, spray is relatively high-end, the granular surface has a very unique texture;The mirror effect is UV plating;And the characteristic of rubber paint is exquisite, smooth and wear-resisting. 

Buyers can choose the surface process of Novfeel products according to their philosophy to achieve the desired visual or tactile effect.

Making Process Of Logo

Logo is of incomparable importance to enterprises, and is the most important focus for purchasers to promote their own brands or display the company image. 

There are many ways to make a Logo, each with its own characteristics or advantages, but not all of them are based on the same application conditions. The way a Logo is made depends on its size, complexity, and the visual or tactile effect desired by the buyer.

Screen printing, heat transfer printing, sublimation transfer printing, water transfer printing, digital printing, air transfer printing, water decal, 3D printing, gas dyeing printing and so on, usually have their own characteristics and advantages in the vision;Embossing engraving, laser engraving, embossing and other processes are directly reflected in the concave and convex touch. 

Purchasers can choose the way to make the logo according to their own needs.


Brands or companies with sophisticated and fashionable packaging are not necessarily influential, but influential brands or companies with sophisticated and fashionable packaging. 

Novfeel believes that good packaging can effectively enhance brand value and bring positive publicity to the company.Therefore, Novfeel graphic designers will provide a variety of styles of design according to buyers' ideas for reference or selection;Alternatively, purchasers can also design and customize packaging methods and materials recommended by Novfeel, such as gift boxes, display boxes, bubble bags, UPC stickers, hangtags, etc. 

Packaging as the last link of production, but has the effect of the first impression, its importance is self-evident.