Novfeel is a stainless steel water cup manufacturer integrating design and production. After more than ten years of development, Novfeel has a very rich product range, including insulated bottles, tumblers and mugs, thermal carafes, coolers of can & bottle, stainless steel growlers. 

Purchasers all have the need to promote their own brands or show the image of the company, so how to effectively provide support for them is the key.Novfeel believes it's best to give buyers plenty of options.

Therefore, thanks to the efforts of the Novfeel design team, there are more than 100 insulated bottles and tumblers in various and creative styles.In order to get more excellent ideas, Novfeel not only recruits excellent designers online all the year round, but also regularly holds creative design competitions with prizes. 

Through face-to-face communication, Novfeel can directly communicate with designers on site and purchase their designs. Clearly, Novfeel is already ready to provide ODM services to a variety of purchasers.


Purchasers usually have the needs of designing and developing insulating bottles, tumblers, mugs and other new products based on their own ideas, but objectively, this demand is not the ability of general manufacturers to undertake. 

To be realistic, we can produce high-quality products with perfect production lines and exquisite production technology, but it does not mean that we have the ability to develop new products.Because of the development of new products, in addition to the necessary design team, mold manufacturing team is indispensable.

Fortunately, Novfeel not only has the ability to make molds, but it is also more efficient and cheaper.Because Novfeel changed the traditional process from design drawing to mold to design drawing to material object, and then from material object to mold.By giving priority to the visual way to see the object, maximize the mold to achieve the purpose of a molding. 

Novfeel's engineers evaluate the buyer's drawings and then use 3D modeling to create prototypes.After the physical goods are delivered to the buyer for confirmation, the mold will be made according to the final physical goods. After the pilot production, Novfeel engineers debug or modify the mold, which means the mold is ready for production. 

It can be seen that Novfeel is not only a manufacturer of stainless steel water bottles, but also a professional mold manufacturer.


All in all, Novfeel treats ODM and OEM with a serious and responsible attitude and craftsmanship spirit.This has proved to be the cornerstone for Novfeel to build long-term relationships with purchasers.