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Wine Utensils
Wine Utensils

Wine plays an indispensable role in people's life, the kind of sweet taste brings people an indescribable enjoyment, it is undeniable that wine is the love of many people's life. Because of the unique status of wine, a variety of wine utensils came into being.

The main Novfeel wine utensils are barwares, which are mixers, as well as stainless steel growlers, cans and bottle coolers, all of which are mainly made of stainless steel. The barwares includes many different shapes, different types of complex bartending tools. For example, two funnel-shaped measuring cups, combined shakers, and round water filters, and so on; The appearance of the hip flask is flat, which is the best choice for carrying; Whether it is a beer growler or a can & bottle cooler, the style and model are very simple in comparison. For example, the beer growler has a thin neck and a thick body, the lid and the water outlet are semi-separated design, and it has a handle. The detachable cooler has a double wall structure, and its appearance is no different from that of can or glass bottles.

Buyers can customize the grade and thickness of stainless steel, logo, surface treatment, and packaging requirements of Novfeel wine utensil, or they can draw their own design concept and provide it to the Novfeel team for evaluation and customization. Novfeel team has the confidence and ability to complete the OEM business related to wine.

The Novfeel team supports and encourages buyers with design ideas to join in and create more creative wine utensils together.

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Advantage of Novfeel
Wine Utensils

When it comes to the advantages of Novfeel wine utensil, it has to be said that no matter what kind of wine utensils, they have their own characteristics.

Novfeel has a complete range of mixers, from big mixers to small spits. The hip flasks of all sizes are not only exquisite workmanship, but also smart in appearance and easy to carry; The Novfeel cooler insulators can keep cold drinks in cans or bottles for an extremely long time, and the storage and freshness or cold protection effect of beer growlers is also very good.

Novfeel wine utensils are excellent as far as the eye can see.

Advantage of Novfeel Wine Utensils
Features of Novfeel
Wine Utensils

Novfeel wine utensils are mainly made of stainless steel.

Novfeel bartending kit contains a variety of tools of different sizes, each has its own role,  and they can be freely matched; The hip flasks are mainly single-layer wall structure, small appearance and exquisite design; The detachable design of the Novfeel cooler makes it indistinguishable from metal cans or glass bottles in appearance. It can be switched between the can cooler and the bottle cooler. The Novfeel beer growler has a handle and a seal ring built into the lid, which is connected to the growler body in a semi-detached state.

The Novfeel wine utensils are all about practicality and portability.

Features of Novfeel Wine Utensils
Applications of Novfeel
Wine Utensils

Since the history of wine, all kinds of wine utensils have been invented in bursts of wine aroma and entered people's life.

As a bartending kit at home or in a bar, Novfeel's bar wine utensil is more than adequate. Novfeel hip flask has exquisite design and small size, there is no lack of elegant temperament if appear in any occasion ;The Novfeel cooler keeps cold drinks in cans or bottles cold for a long time. Novfeel growlers are often used in bars and homes to store and keep beer fresh.

Novfeel wine utensils are extremely friendly to wine lovers and are popular for their practicality and portability.

Applications of Novfeel Wine Utensils
FAQs of Novfeel Wine Utensils
1. What is related to the quality of wine utensils?
A: The quality of wine utensils is closely related to material and production technology.
2. If the purchaser needs to develop a mode to make a new wine utensil, how should the mold cost be divided?

A: Generally speaking, if the quantity of a single type of wine utensil purchased by the purchaser reaches 30,000 pieces, Novfeel will provide free mold making service, and the mold fee already charged will be deducted from the purchase price of the next batch.

3. If buyers need samples, can Novfeel provide them?

A: If the sample amount is not large and it is a non-customized product, Novfeel can provide it for free, and the purchaser only needs to bear the freight of the wine utensil.

4. Is there any requirement on the minimum amount or minimum order quantity of wine utensils?

A: Generally speaking, the total order amount is not less than 2000$, and the minimum order quantity of a single wine utensil is 500 pieces.

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