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Insulated Bottles
Insulated Bottles

The most intuitive characteristics of Novfeel insulated water bottles are different styles, complete capacity and wide application scenarios, which can meet the needs of all kinds of buyers.

The Novfeel insulated water bottle is made of stainless steel.Double wall construction and vacuum technology ensure excellent insulation, no condensation on the outer wall surface, and can be kept cold or hot for a long time.In terms of design, Novfeel insulated bottles come in handle bottles, or straight bottles, or Coke bottles, or bullet bottles with built-in LIDS, etc.From the perspective of the use of people, there are children's bottles, men's bottles, women's bottles, and so on;From the functional point of view, there are sports bottles, temperature display bottles, milk bottles, and so on.

Purchasers can customize the grade and thickness of the stainless steel, the surface process, the way the logo is made, and the packaging requirements.Of course, buyers can also provide design drawings to Novfeel team for evaluation without considering Novfeel insulated bottles based on their own design concepts, and Novfeel team will complete the production of prototype samples of insulated bottles through 3D modeling technology.

Novfeel team has always played the craftsman's spirit, with exquisite production technology, to ensure the excellent quality of insulated bottles.

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Advantage of Novfeel
Insulated Bottles

The Novfeel team's commitment to high-cost manufacturing processes and innovative attitude to this has ensured its leading position in the industry. 

The level of craftsmanship of the insulated bottle body depends on the seiko part, which is why Novfeel spends a lot of money on molds.The precise mould ensures that the threads of the Novfeel insulated bottle are perfectly matched, almost in one. 

Obviously, this is the most obvious advantage of Novfeel insulated bottles.
Advantage of Novfeel Insulated Bottles
Features of Novfeel
Insulated Bottles

The Novfeel insulated bottle is mainly cylindrical or bullet- shaped,And some of them have a handle or a rope. 

Novfeel insulated bottle is made of stainless steel and PP materials. It mainly consists of the lid and the bottle body. The lid has a built-in sealing ring to prevent leakage, so it is easy to carry around.Suitable for outdoor activities, backpacking, work and study. 

They come in different shapes and have a lot of space to choose from.

Features of Novfeel Insulated Bottles
Applications of Novfeel
Insulated Bottles

Insulated bottles are obviously different from other drinking utensils because of their unique convenience. 

Novfeel insulated bottles provide excellent insulation and cold storage for cold drinks and ice during hot summer months or hot water during cold winter months.Suitable for long distance or short distance backpacking, various outdoor sports, or indoor office study, etc. 

It is portable and easy to use.

Applications of Novfeel Insulated Bottles
FAQs of Novfeel Insulated Bottles
1. What is related to the quality of insulated bottles?

A: The quality of insulated bottle is closely related to material and production technology.

2. If the purchaser needs to develop abrasive tools to make new insulated bottles, how should the mold cost be divided?

A: Generally speaking, if the buyer purchases 30,000 insulated bottles, Novfeel will provide mold making service free of charge, and the mold fee will be deducted from the payment for the next batch.

3. If buyers need samples, can Novfeel provide them?

A: Novfeel can be provided free of charge if the sample amount is not large, the styles are not much, and the insulated bottle is not customized. The buyer only needs to bear the shipping cost of the insulated bottle.

4. Is there any requirement on the minimum amount or minimum order quantity of insulated bottles?

A: Generally speaking, the total order amount is not less than $2000, and the minimum order quantity for a single type of insulated bottle is 500 pieces.

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