NovFeel Drinkware

Novfeel includes insulated bottles, tumblers & mugs, coolers, beer growlers and thermal carafes, and they are mainly made of stainless steel. 

Most of the products are double-walled and vacuumized, so Novfeel drinkware has excellent insulation properties.It can not only keep hot or cold for a long time, but also avoid condensation on the outer wall surface.

NovFeel Drinkware

Novfeel drinkware has its own characteristics.Insulated bottles can be sealed to store ice water and are suitable for rehydration when moving over long distances.On the other hand, tumblers and mugs are perfect for drinking beer, beverages, etc. in your spare time while walking around the house or neighborhood;The use of removable coolers are extremely novel.They can not only switch between can cooler and bottle cooler, so that bottled beer or caned drinks stay cold for a long time, but also can be directly used as a tumbler, which is the best choice for outdoor dining activities;For beer lovers, especially when dining outdoors, the importance of portable, collapsible beer growler is self-evident.As to the thermal carafe that can be used at the same time for many people, its convenience and practicality are commendable likewise. 

Novfeel products can be customized to the needs of the market for stainless steel grade and thickness, surface process, logo, packaging and other requirements.Design concepts can also be drawn and customized by the Novfeel team. 

In a word, Novfeel has a variety of new and fashionable items,they have grown in popularity over the years.

  • Coolers Of Can & Bottle

    Imagine drinking cold beer or any other cold drink from a can or bottle. Have you experienced the condensation on the surface of the outer wall and experienced the annoyance? Fortunately, coolers of can & bottle are an effective solution to this problem.

  • Insulated Bottles

    As a household necessity, Insulated bottles play an extremely important role in People\\\\\\\'s Daily life, they always accompany people to participate in a variety of outdoor sports, backpacking, trekking and so on.

  • Stainless Steel Growlers

    It\\\\\\\'s hard to get attention for such an ordinary beer container, but the fact is that growlers are essential. The Novfeel growlers are made of stainless steel and come in several sizes, including single and double walls.

  • Thermal Carafes

    The unique advantage of thermal carafes lie in their large capacities, which are very suitable for sharing by many people, and the convenient way of extruding water.

  • Tumblers & Mugs

    Whether you\\\\\\\'re drinking coffee, beer, or iced water, it\\\\\\\'s very convenient to have a tumbler or mug handy. They are essential for people to carry around for work or leisure.

Advantages of NovFeel Drinkware

In terms of single stainless steel drinking industry, the advantage of quality largely comes from technological innovation. 

Thanks to the Novfeel team's improvement in welding technology, the double wall structure has become stronger and less vulnerable to damage, which provides a vacuum environment.As a result, Novfeel drinks offer better insulation and a longer service life. 

Firmer Heat
Advantages of NovFeel Drinkware

In addition, Novfeel has invested heavily in the development and design of high-end molds.The precision mold ensures the exquisite seiko level, which makes the matching degree between the parts of the drink extremely high, the connection is perfect to two as one. 

It can be seen that technological innovation is the driving force for improving the quality of Novfeel drinks.

FAQs of Novfeel Drinkware

1. For example, it is the same stainless steel material that the insulation bottles or tumblers use,why some are very resistant to fall, and will not produce depression, but some are just the opposite?
A: Their resistance to falling is closely related to the thickness or weight of stainless steel.So buyers with a higher requirement for fall resistance can ask Novfeel to customize the thickness or weight of stainless steel for products.
2. Buyers usually worry about the firmness of the surface coating or logo. What factors are related to this firmness problem?

A: Coating thickness, paint quality, and drying channel can affect the firmness of the surface coating; The firmness of the logo is related to the quality of the ink and the selection of the drying channel. Therefore, when the factory is producing, it can perfectly solve the problem of firmness by making appropriate arrangements or correct adjustments.

3. Why do different manufacturers provide the same product, some look exquisite, while others look shoddy?What causes it?

A: Different stainless steel drinkware manufacturers in the seiko input is not the same, and the seiko part is just to determine the production technology level of the most important factor. For example, exquisite seiko technology can make the thread matching degree of insulated bottle very high. The cohesion is perfect. It shows exquisite look.

4. Take the stainless steel insulated bottle with the same appearance as an example, why different suppliers offer different prices for the same purchase quantity?

A: First of all, different suppliers use different grade or thickness of stainless steel,and the quality of plastic or PP material accessories are not the same; Secondly, the seiko determines the level of insulated bottle technology, the difference in cost is even greater.

Therefore, the same insulation bottle of different prices, mainly from the quality of the insulation bottle itself.

5. As a purchaser, he is often confused when faced with various surface treatment processes and logo making methods, what should he do?

A: There is no doubt that the best way is to hand over this problem to NovFeel team. The purchaser only needs to tell the Novfeel team about the desired spray effect or image of logo, and Novfeel team will recommend it according to the actual needs.