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Thermal Carafes
Thermal Carafes

When many people gather together, drinking coffee, beverages or iced water will become a high probability event. At this time, the large capacity of the thermal carafe and the convenience of pouring water are reflected in the practicality.

The Novfeel thermal carafe comes in a detachable design, assembled from a stainless steel body and ABS fittings.The double wall structure and the application of vacuuming technology make the surface of the thermal carafe extremely insulated, which ensures that the Novfeel thermal carafe can stay hot or cold for a long time.In terms of design, the handle of the Novfeel thermal carafe is usually mounted on the stainless steel body to be used in one piece. The spout is exposed and the water is controlled by a squeeze button on the lid.

The Novfeel thermal carafe has a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from.Purchasers can customize the grade and thickness of stainless steel, logo, finish, and packaging requirements.In addition, the Novfeel team also provides OEM services to purchasers.Buyers can provide design drawings to Novfeel team for evaluation. Novfeel team will then complete the production of thermal carafe prototype samples through 3D modeling technology, and finally achieve the purpose of customization.

In short, Novfeel thermal carafe is well received by users. Novfeel team strives for excellence and strives for better quality.

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Advantage of Novfeel
Thermal Carafes

The biggest advantage of Novfeel thermal carafe is that it can not only store large amounts of hot coffee, ice water, drinks and other drinks, but also satisfy multiple users at the same time. 

The lid and spout are designed in a novel way to ensure easy access to water while avoiding the possibility of leakage.Some Novfeel thermal carafes also have built-in filters, which add to the variety of applications.

Ergonomic handle for easy handling.

Advantage of Novfeel Thermal Carafes
Features of Novfeel
Thermal Carafes

The Novfeel thermal carafe is flexible and detachable, with ABS fittings such as handles and LIDS and a double-walled stainless steel body. 

The lid has a button and the spout is exposed.It's well sealed and won't leak unless you tilt the thermal carafe and squeeze the keys.With excellent heat preservation and cooling function. 

The appearance is fashionable and generous, with a variety of capacity specifications to choose from.

Features of Novfeel Thermal Carafes
Applications of Novfeel
Thermal Carafes

The Novfeel thermal carafe can store large amounts of coffee, ice water, drinks and other drinks and keep them warm or cold, and can be enjoyed at any time. 

Especially suitable for cafes, bars, hotels and other public places to entertain guests.Of course, it is also very suitable for family, business office, friends' parties or picnics, etc. 

The Novfeel thermal carafe is widely used.

Applications of Novfeel Thermal Carafes
FAQs of Novfeel Thermal Carafes
1. What is related to the quality of thermal carafes?

A: The quality of thermal carafe is closely related to material and production technology.

2. If the purchaser needs to develop a new mode to make new thermal carafe, how should the mold cost be divided?

A: Generally speaking, if the buyer purchases 30,000 thermal carafes, Novfeel will provide mold making service free of charge, and the mold fee will be deducted from the payment for the next batch.

3. If buyers need samples, can Novfeel provide them?

A: Novfeel can be provided free of charge if the sample amount is not large, the styles are not much, and the thermal carafe is not customized. The buyer only needs to bear the shipping cost of the thermal carafe.

4. Is there any requirement on the minimum amount or minimum order quantity of thermal carafes?

A: Generally speaking, the total order amount is not less than $2000, and the minimum order quantity for a single type of thermal carafe is 500 pieces.

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