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How to Choose Insulated Childrens Water Bottle?

Author: novfeel Time: 2022-05-26 23:18 Pageviews: 653

Give your child a thermos during the cold season so they can sip hot water during school hours and ward off winter colds. So, there are some suggestions about how to choose the children's water bottle.

Ⅰ. The material and safety of insulated children's water bottle

The material of the thermos cup: the insulated children's water bottle must be food grade 304 steel, and it is best to use 304 steel for the inner liner, so as to ensure that the heavy metal melting amount of the thermos cup used for water does not exceed the standard, including lead. The amount of heavy metal dissolved in the 201 or 202 stainless steel cup is more than 100 times that of 304 steel. The thermos made of 304 steel must be marked with material 304 on the outer package, so it is easy to identify.

The safety of the straw: If you plan to buy the insulated children's water bottle with a straw, you should pay more attention to the safety of the straw. Compared with ordinary children's sippy cups, you should pay more attention to the safety of the straw material of the insulated children's water bottle. Warm water is likely to cause poor quality straws to secrete substances harmful to your baby's health. High temperature and bite resistance are the types of straws needed.

Ⅱ. Thermal insulation performance and capacity of insulated children's water bottle

Thermal insulation performance: with the use of a safe vacuum flask with handle, the most important is the thermal insulation performance. Unlike an ordinary adult thermos, a baby's thermos is not suitable for pouring scalding water, but suitable for direct drinking around 42℃. Warm water requires higher insulation performance. One that can keep warm for 5 hours can be considered a good child's thermos.

The capacity of insulated childrens water bottle: children generally prepared 500 ml thermos cup can be. According to your children's drinking water volume to choose the capacity of the cup. If too small, it will be not enough to drink, and if it is too big will carry an additional burden.

Ⅲ. The process and accessories of insulation children's water bottle

The process of insulation children's water bottle: the surface polishing of the inner and outer liner is uniform, the joint is exquisite, the edge of the cup mouth is smooth, the sealing of the lid and the mouth should be flexible without gap, and the plastic of the lid has no peculiar smell. The appearance will be designed to be cartoon so that children can love it. It is very important that children's water bottles have braces, as they spend most of their time out with them.

The accessories of insulation children's water bottles: it is very important that plastic accessories are health and environmental protection. It can be identified by smell, if the thermos is made of food-grade plastic, its smell will be small, its surface will be bright and no burrs, its service life is long and not easy to age. If it is ordinary plastic, it will be inferior to food-grade plastic in every way.