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Champagne Tumblers: The Best Way to Sip Champagne Anywhere

Author: novfeel Time: 2023-02-07 16:44 Pageviews: 416

Upgrade your sipping experience by switching from a traditional champagne flute to a champagne tumbler. This style of drinkware is heavier duty and more stylish for when you want to enjoy some bubbles. But it also provides useful temperature control and other amenities like a spill-proof lid, extra capacity, and bubble retention to up your champagne game. The best part? It goes everywhere you do — whether you’re prepping for wedding season, a camping trip, Sunday brunch, or any other special occasion. 

So, enjoy your favorite bubbly wherever your active lifestyle takes you. Here are some reasons why you might want to pick up a champagne tumbler.

What is a Champagne Tumbler? 

Unlike a glass alternative, champagne tumblers are durable, sleek-looking, and keep your bubbly at the right temperature thanks to an insulated design. Skip on the delicate flutes or breakable glass tumblers, and choose drinkware that’s as attractive as it is functional. 

Why Are Novfeel Champagne Flutes the Best?

With so many options in tumblers available to today’s consumers, you can find something that fits your needs. Whether that’s specific capacities, designs, price points, and beyond, keep an eye out for a tumbler that fits your needs. Below are some common considerations you may find beneficial to switching from glass:

It Keeps Your Champagne the Perfect Temperature

If you’ve ever enjoyed champagne from a glass, you know that you’re in a race against time to finish the beverage before it goes flat and gets warm. Champagne tumblers, normally made of plastic or stainless steel, are much more effective at maintaining the ideal temperature for hours on end. Choose a champagne tumbler that’s double- or triple-walled and made of stainless steel for extra durability that’ll also keep the drink cold.

It Goes Wherever You Go

Simply put: a tumbler can go where glass can’t — the beach, pool, campsite, or anywhere else. Regardless of where your adventures take you, keep a champagne tumbler nearby to sip on the go and keep things classy. A tumbler with a spill-proof lid allows you to easily toss it in your car, purse, or suitcase for easier transport, while temperature control helps keep your champagne chilled all day long.

It Lets You Sip in Style

With so many companies out there with their own unique designs, you can find a champagne tumbler style that suits you. Find the right color, imagery, finish material, textures for better grip, and more options to improve your drinking experience and look good doing it. This is truly ideal for special occasions (I’m looking at you, bachelorette party!) 

Novfeel Champagne Flute is 2x the Size of a Regular Flute

Double the size means double the fun. Make sure you have enough with a Novfeel Stainless Steel Champagne Flute, which offers a 12-ounce capacity (about half a bottle) compared to six ounces with a regular glass flute. Plus, with a triple-walled design, your champagne will never go warm, whether you’re sitting through a wedding reception or Sunday brunch. 

5x the Bubbles! 

Since we doubled the capacity, Novfeel had to come up with a unique way to maintain carbonation while controlling temperature. We accomplished just that with Novfeel Champagne Tumblers that are specially designed to prevent your champagne from warming up while retaining up to five times the bubbles for several hours. 

When Champagne Tumblers Come in Clutch

There are all types of occasions where champagne tumblers can turn the party up a notch. Places, where glass may pose a risk, are exactly where a tumbler can come in handy, but their go-anywhere design, capacity options, and temperature control make these items a must-have for upcoming business trips, vacations, events, and more.

Wedding Season

Wedding season is right around the corner, and nothing is more celebratory or romantic than champagne! Pop a bottle or two and celebrate with a champagne tumbler in hand. Keep beverages fresh throughout the reception and into the night, and to help cool down after you’ve heated up the dance floor.

At the Beach

White sands, blue water, bright sun, and a cold tumbler of bubbly in hand... sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Say hello to summery champagne! Fill up your tumbler before you head to the beach and sip on refreshing cold bubbles all day long.

At the Pool

Keep your champagne cool at the pool, while leaving the breakable glass behind. If you’re sunbathing poolside, finishing up a set of laps, or lounging in the hot tub, reach a whole new level of relaxation by keeping a sippable champagne tumbler by your side. 

Out at a Picnic

Whether you’ve set up camp in a remote location or are parked your RV at the campground, a tumbler is a rugged option for any type of outdoor enthusiast that wants to enjoy a glass of fizz. Cozy up by the campfire with your favorite beverage, and we promise it will make your friend’s impromptu performance of “Kumbaya” a little more bearable.

Sunday Brunch

Preparing your own special Sunday brunch? You’ve got the quiche and the bacon, so don’t forget the drinks! Bust out your champagne tumbler and mix in some orange juice for a citrusy mimosa that will make you forget about the upcoming workweek.

Pretty Much Anywhere

In reality, a champagne tumbler can go pretty much anywhere. Pack this essential item on your next adventure and always have access to delicious, refreshing beverages of any type. 

Bubbles to-go? Yes, please

No matter where life’s journey takes you, keep a champagne tumbler handy for convenient, fun, stylish sipping. Compared to glass alternatives, you get an unbreakable, personalized design that’s spill-resistant and insulated for better temperature control. Enjoy your champagne your way with a champagne tumbler.

Pop the cork and reach for Novfeel’s Champagne Flute to enjoy twice the amount of champagne as a glass flute, with five times the bubbles. Simply put, you’ll sip more and refill less. Its twistable-flippable lid keeps your clothes safe from stains, while a wide array of colorful and eye-catching finishes show off your personal flair. Whenever you’re popping a cork, make sure the Novfeel Champagne Flute is within arm’s reach.